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Cloud 9 Photography has been producing the finest 2D images of architecture for over 25 years, and with the advent of the latest 3D scanning camera, we feel we are now able to offer a quality of 3D imagery that will complement our stunning 2D photography.


The system we use is a Matterport 3D scanner, which not only captures a space photographically in 4K video quality, it also uses an infra-red scanner that measures the internal space in a building to an accuracy of 1%, producing a dimensionally accurate 3D model.


The camera works by setting up the scanner on a tripod throughout the building and letting it perform a 360 degree rotation at each location. All this data is then processed and hosted on Matterport servers for which a simple URL is provided for access to navigate the building.


The scans are viewable on a phone, tablet or PC with an internet connection. Additionally the spaces are compatible with VR headsets such as Google Cardboard, Samsung and Oculus giving a fully immersive, navigable experience.


The 360 views can be posted directly into Google Streetview to allow Google Maps users to explore interior spaces.


As the scans are dimensionally accurate and it is possible within the Workshop mode of the file to drag a virtual ruler across the images and take measurements. The scans may also be labelled with further information including meta tags to link to descriptions of the space and its contents.


In order to produce the most accurate scans it is best to capture a property without any people in the scans, and it typically takes 1-3 hours for the whole process.


We are able to provide this service throughout the United Kingdom and the European Union.


Cloud 9 Architectural Photography is a specialist architectural photography company, providing the highest quality images to architects, interior designers and constructors. We have worked for over twenty five years in the property and construction world, and have developed a particular specialism in the retail and shop fitting sector. By specialising exclusively in architectural photography we have an extensive knowledge of how the industry works, and are able to offer a service that is second to none.


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