Cloud 9 Photography has built up an international reputation over the last 25 years for the quality of our still photography imagery. However, we have always been at the forefront of the latest developments in technology and we also offer a full range of 3D, drone and video services to our architectural clients:


3D Architectural Scanning

Using a Matterport 3D scanner we can capture spaces, not just photographically in full 4K video quality, but also using infra-red scanners that measure the internal space in a building to an accuracy of 1%, producing a dimensionally accurate 3D model.

The scans are viewable on any internet connected device and are compatible with Virtual Reality headsets for a fully immersive experience.

Time-lapse Photography

We have many years’ experience shooting time-lapse video of construction work, and over these years we have developed a unique style that we believe offers the very best that time-lapse has to offer. Whereas much time-lapse video is filmed using site cameras in a few limited fixed positions, we prefer to work with camera operators setting up individual shots to capture all the interesting elements of a build from the ideal angles. The finished result is a film that is far more engaging and informative than conventional time-lapse.


3D Drone Scanning

This is a service that we have just launched, and we are one of the first companies to offer this incredible way of photographing the exterior of a building in immersive 3D. Our drone scans a matrix of images above and around a property and this data is then processed in to a 3D model that can be explored like a Computer Generated Model, except our service allows you to explore the actual finished building.

Drone Photography


We have a fully licensed drone pilot who is able to capture video and stills photography, offering a service far more flexible than the origins of Cloud 9 Photography where we were one of the first companies in the UK to offer high level mast photography.

360 degree Drone views

Hovering directly above a property or site, a 360 drone panorama allows viewers to see its entire surroundings from a perfect vantage point.

Cloud 9 Photography

Cloud 9 photography produce the finest architectural images available with our Phase One, 100 megapixel, architectural camera.



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