3D Architectural Scanning

Using a Matterport 3D scanner we can capture spaces, not just photographically in full 4K video quality, but also using infra-red scanners that measure the internal space in a building to an accuracy of 1%, producing a dimensionally accurate 3D model.

The system works by setting up the scanner throughout the building and letting it perform a 360 degree rotation at each location. All this data is then processed and hosted on Matterport servers from where it can be shared via the internet with a simple URL link.

The scans are viewable on any internet connected device and are compatible with Virtual Reality headsets for a fully immersive experience. Within the 3D space it is also possible to add meta tags which can be used to direct viewers to additional linked information for example labelling optional features in a Show Home.

As the scans are dimensionally accurate, it is possible to drag a virtual tape measure within the 3D space to take measurements.

The 360 views can be posted directly to Google Streetview to allow Google Maps users to explore the interior spaces.

We are able to provide this service throughout the United Kingdom and the European Union

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